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Natasha Joyet

Doula Services & Specialized Care for the birthing year.


A message from Natasha

My mission is to provide prenatal, birth and postpartum support services with an unbiased approach that honors the experience each woman brings to pregnancy and childbirth.

I encourage women to trust themselves. I believe every woman knows how to birth and take care of her baby. My role is to support families in discovering their own innate knowledge. I support women and their families through personalized birthing assistance (Birth Doula). 

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Professional Labor Assistance

Doula supported care is associated with improved maternal outcomes including:  

  • Decreased pre-term birth

  • Increased breastfeeding initiation

  • More positive associations with labor & early post partum


Families who have experienced Natasha's doula support share that they feel more positive about labor, are more successful at breastfeeding, and even report feeling more positive about their partner months after the blessed event.

Doula Services

Doula Services



Informational Interview – free! Let’s meet and find out if we are a good fit. We will meet at my office on the westside of Santa Cruz. 

Traditional Doula Services Include:

  • 2 Pre-birth Meetings to find how we will best work together. In these visits we will explore your birth expectations and priorities, how you would like to be cared for, partner's roles, and any questions or concerns you or your partner may have.

  • Telephone Support from our initial meeting through your last postpartum visit.

  • Birth Attendance - Continuous emotional and physical support throughout active labor and delivery for the mother and her partner.

  • Postpartum Visit - This home visit includes breastfeeding support, infant care tips, postpartum resources and referrals, and a chance to discuss the wonder of your birth!

Additional Labor Services Include:

  • Hands-on ways to enhance your comfort during your pregnancy, labor and after your baby is born.

  • Step-by-step education on what happens when you have a baby at a hospital, and tricks that help make that experience a positive and successful one.

  • Educational and emotional support for you and your partner before, during and after the birth.

  • Help with initial breastfeeding and infant care.


"Natasha is a wealth of knowledge and support. My husband burst into tears after our first session because he felt so supported and held by her. She is well known in Santa Cruz and had such a beautiful relationship with the care team. What a beautiful dance. I cannot imagine my birth without her and will be planning my next birth around her availability."

Krista Ripma

"Natasha is gem! You will understand from the first time you talk to her and it will stay that way throughout all your interactions. We really wanted someone with a well rounded perspective and who is respected by our OBGYN and hospital team. Natasha is uniquely this person. She gave us the advice we needed and guided us to make the right decisions for ourselves."

Tamico A.

Additional Services

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Virtual Support: Birth Intention 

A birth intention is an intentional way to communicate with yourself and your care providers what your vision is for your birth. Creating this together will fill in the areas where you have gaps in your knowledge. 

Classes & Workshops

Private ICEA certified childbirth education classes.

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Collaborative care brought to you by

Natasha Joyet.

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Westside Healing Arts Center

406 Mission Street Suite E

Santa Cruz, California 

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